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Herbal medicine in the world the term has a broader meaning, namely any kind of
plant and all its parts which contain one or more active ingredients
which can be used as a drug ( therapeutic) . Herbs also known as
one of the medicinal plants, some, or all parts contain substances
or efficacious ingredients good for health. Section in question can
leaves, stems, roots, tubers, fruit or flowers. In the herbal or medicinal plants that
there is a collection of substances that have some pharmacological effect because of the composition
content contained in medicinal plants is constructive ie it is
build organs, cells and body systems

Over the last few years, scientists have proved that chemicals
contained in cigarette smoke ( tobacco in general) hold more than 4000 chemical elements.
Of chemical elements are largely a substance hazardous to health
body. Some compounds that are hazardous to health is Tar and Nicotine.
Herbal Cigarettes are made from several herbs which is processed into the tobacco mixture
choice. The mixture is able to neutralize the Tar and nicotine content in products
Herbal Cigarettes. These compounds also function as an ingredient health therapy
This herb is beneficial for blood circulation,
clean up toxins in the body, especially in the respiratory tract, throat and

These compounds have a natural composition which does not cause
effects of such dependence is often found in other products.
Herbal Cigarettes have a very very distinctive taste and original. This taste
produced by blending several herbal ingredients which are mixed with tobacco materials
choice. Therefore, by blending it will produce the character and taste Cigarettes
distinctive and unique, which of course adapted to the market tastes.

Likewise with
Tar and nicotine content contained in Herbal Cigarettes are very low. Test Results
Official laboratory points to the fact the percentage content of Nicotine in Tobacco products
Herbs are very low even close to 0% while laboratory test results for
Herbal Cigarettes Tar value in showing a high rate. The high number of Tar in Cigarettes Herbal products are not measured by the smoke of cigarettes and heavy material
toxin content contained in Herbal Cigarettes, such as measurement standard
international, but measured from the composition of herbal content
Herbal Cigarettes standard it self.
By international standards, if the value of Tar
Figures indicate that high it will cause heavy breathing effects,
tightness and pain in the chest, whereas in high rates of Herbal Cigarettes Tar precisely
health therapeutic effect, namely by helping to reduce toxic
found in the lungs. Toxins are released in the form of mucus
thus making breathing easier.

Potion Herbal Cigarettes itself
composed of materials that contain acids and bases, resulting in
ash also contains ingredients that are useful. Interestingly, if it feels Cigarette ash
Herbs will taste delicious, because the process of crystallization of salt content
participating shape it. This ash can be used as a drug that helps out
alleviate and heal wounds or minor complaints, by sowing
Herbal Cigarette ash on minor wounds, sores, heat, itching
skin like exsim and help heal the hurt caused by disease

This is an incredible breakthrough in our Tobacco industry
as this will provide a better option and far more healthy
dilematisme lifestyle community in Indonesia that has been running for this.

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